Sunday, January 22, 2017

Defiling the Office

An early stage in all of this has to involve defiling the office of the presidency and degrading the institutions of government.  It's a precondition to what will follow.  I'm not sure exactly how the destruction of the effectiveness, coherence and resilience of governing institutions will proceed (though I have my suspicions).  But El Caudillo has gotten a good start on defiling his office:

Point 1.  The silly lies over crowd size.   Fewer citizens turned out for his installation than women turned out the next day to protest it.  A fact.  Then he shifts gears and claims, well, those people should have voted.  In point of fact, they did.  Almost 3 million more voted for his opponent than for him.  That may not matter in an oligarchy, but it's foolish to draw attention to it.

Point 2.  The symbolic first executive order.  Nothing wrong with inaugural symbolism, but something so transparently toothless as ordering federal agencies to make getting health insurance hurt less borders on the bizarre.

Point 3.  Going to the CIA and making a fool of himself in front of a pretty important group of people.  That is, unless show casing weakness and stupidity will be his survival strategy.  I don't know if American has a Deep State, but if it does, he went into the lion's den and gave off a prey vibe.

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