Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Madonna and Newt, Rosa and Horst

The woman needs to learn how to fight.

At the Woman’s March, in front of a crowd much larger than the one the President had addressed the day before at his inauguration, a celebrity named Madonna said sometimes she wanted to burn down (blow up?) the White House.   Newt Gingrich, a TV commentator (too mentally feeble to be called a pundit), responded by calling her a left wing fascist who should be jailed for inciting violence.   She responded, not even by defending herself, but by defending her remarks, saying that had been taken out of context (which they had been, but so what--all's fair . . . ).

The woman needs to learn how to fight.

A better response would have been.  ‘Really?  He said that?  Well, that’s the sort of drivel you should expect from a decaying sycophant of the American oligarchy.'  Then, if so inclined, she might go on:   'Hard to believe the man once had what it took to get a Ph.D. in history.  But, just to give him a history lesson, back in the 20th century the fascists were on the right wing and the communists were to the left.  I may have Rosa Luxemburg in my past, but Horst Wessel was playing for his team.’

Set the SOB back on his heels.  Then close in.  Your turn.

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