Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm with Her (Mia Farrow)

Not sure if the Nordstrom brouhaha is even worth noticing.  But since Paul Krugman thinks it is, here are my two cents:

I'm with Mia Farrow, and I quote in full, 'I've never plugged a store before, but Nordstrom's is great.'  I also liked the initial response of the Nordstrom spokesperson who, not realizing he was dealing with a fecal meteorological event stirred up by Jihadi Don, gave a Marketing 101 explanation of how a department store makes merchandising calls (to the effect of, 'we carry around 2000 brands, cull the low producers--about 10% of the total--every year, and replace them with new brands, to see how those will do.  We're a department store.  That's how department stores work'--not a direct quote).

Nordie's is a nice place.  I liked both the Pioneer Square Store in downtown Portland and the Washington Square store down towards Lake Oswego when we lived in Oregon.  The house brand is high quality.  The people seemed pleasant.  But I'm not much into shopping or retail or any of that shit, so that's all I know.

As far as Jihadi Don taking them on, it's ridiculous, of course, and not worth talking about in real time.  Except insofar as, down the road, as an early tell tale sign of petulant, petty undisciplined abuse of power, it may become symbolic.  For the time being, it's up there with Truman taking on the music critic who panned his daughter's singing (though, in Truman's defense, no money was involved, and his letter to the critic was a great deal more, entertaining, expressive, whatever, than the tweet that caused the current stir).  Of course, people talked about how inappropriate what Truman did for over a decade.  Now, the Trump defenders will excuse the tweet, the Trump haters will declare outrage, and, all in all, just a minor dignity chip knocked off the presidency pedestal, a spontaneous and unplanned incident in the ongoing demolition project.

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