Monday, November 26, 2012

Roll over, roll over . . .

It's all over, Grover,
In a new twist, screw Norquist.

Bail out, boys (and Republican girls, too), on that no new taxes pledge, while there's still time.  Your shoes may be wet and mucked with the night soil, but if you roll up your trousers (lift up your skirt hems, ladies), there's hope you save them.

Watcha gonna do if all those cardiac care nurses, all those Marine Corps gunnery sergeants, all those front line supervisors on the night shift, wake up and realize just what they've gotten from a generation of tax cuts for the rich?   Realize what those tax cuts have done to the country they and the rest of the 47% percent love and fertilize with blood from their veins rather than trickle down and capital gains.  They've gotten less than nada.  Way less than nada.  And the crime against the country has been unspeakable.

Yeah, their kids are graduating from State U with a lot more debt--so the one percent can have one more jet?  'scuse me, its just a share in a Netjet.  New York to Nantucket, Chicago to Mackinac.  The well earned weekend.  And remind the new housekeeper that we recycle religiously.  Gotta be religious about something.  What is a carbon footprint, anyway?

Give me a break.

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