Wednesday, November 3, 2010


We've shifted from Change You Can Believe in to change you can't believe in. And that's the transition from Obamanos to the Tea Partiers. Party like it's 1773, I guess.

This is the third consecutive election in which the American electorate has collectively asserted a more or less coherent opinion. In each case, it boiled down to 'throw the bums out.' So far, nothing of the sort has happened. In 2006 with the Republican losses, in a parliamentary system a new government would have been formed. In 2008, with the sweeping Democratic victory, a new government with an ability to implement new policies would have been installed.

Does anyone seriously think that control of the House will give the Republicans the ability to do anything more than formally, finally and completely stalemate the Democrats in control of the Senate and the Presidency? That, and perhaps shut down the government. That, and utterly preclude effect action at the national level on any of the issues concerning the economy.

This country is starting to look like a richer version of China (or maybe Mexico back in the days of the PRI). With a better human rights record, in either case.


Mrs. Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska, announced the results of the midterm elections with a video of a roaring grizzly bear, forepaws waving in the air, alluding to her 'mama grizzly' theme. Elsewhere, in the People's Republic of China, the Party announced the results of the 2012 presidential succession with the appointment of Mr. Xi Jinping to the Central Military Commission. While Sarah Palin has expressed a taste for grizzly bears, Xi Jingping has expressed a distaste for overfed foreigners with nothing better to do than criticize China.

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