Friday, October 15, 2010

The Kid Who Grew Up To Be President

There was this kid, real smart, a hard worker. He went to law school. He became president of the Harvard Law Review. Must have done well in those first year law courses. Like Paper Chase. He had to really, really grok the property law and the civil procedure and all that stuff. Drunk the koolaid big time. You don't get to be an editor of the law review unless you really, really buy into it. It forms the way you think for the rest of your life.

So this kid grows up to be president. Of the United States. And he has a lot on his plate. He wanted the job, of course, but he never thought fate would heap a financial crisis on his plate. I mean, he turned his back on those high Wall Street salaries when he left Harvard and instead took the path that led to the White House. And now, once there, what's he staring at, but a steaming heap of Wall Street.

Now, how does the kid inside the man react to learning that those big Wall Street banks have been hiring people to routinely perjure themselves (so routinely that the job title is 'Limited Signing Officer') and have outsourced their forgery needs to a third party which actually published a price list for 'file reconstruction.'? Not once, not twice, but tens of thousands of times.

I don't know how the kid inside the man reacts. But one last tidbit, the kid was raised by his grandma. And she had a low level functionary job in a bank. She was in charge of the loan files, and promissory notes, or something like that. At the bank she did women's work in an era when the men were the executives, and took home the big paychecks. Then she came home and raised the kid and his sister.

Will the kid let the system put the modern day equivalent of his grandma in jail, or maybe he'll go after bigger fish. Depends on what kind of man he is, I guess.

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